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Services provided by Falcon Research & Settlement (Call for Details)
Complete Real Estate Research and Settlement Service in Western Pennsylvania
Assessment information (deed, map, and values)
Bankruptcy Search (per name)
  from prior search (price may vary with length of search and items found)
  for Recording (plus recording fees, if fees are incorrect we pay upfront and invoice)
  -Each Additional Document
Civil (Prothonotary) Liens Search, Judgments, Suits - individual
Closings (Witness) in our office during business hours, includes notary
  (Full, but without title insurance)
Courier Service for recording
Current Owner Property Search -residential
*Reports INCLUDE assessment info, deed info, court house tax info, legal description,
judgments, State & Federal tax lien, mortgage and county UCC info.
*Additional assessments, deeds, lien holder addresses, satisfied PMM’s & bankruptcy info is additional
*Search Fee includes ‘no finds’ as we still research all of the above items.
Domestic Relations Lien Searches, per name (You must provide social security #)
Flood Zone Reports with life of loan notification
  -If order includes copy of the previous flood report
Miscellaneous Research (document retrieval, recording info, etc. or call for estimate)
Municipal and Tax Liens (Unfiled, per property, "No Lien Letter" additional)
Oil, Gas, Mineral Searches start at (for attorney review)
Title Insurance - INCLUDES Title search, bringdown, recording, notary fees, etc
  -price based on coverage, please call for prices or see our price list
Title Search - 60 year Residential
  -60 year commercial
  -40 year
  -three owner/30 year
  -two owner/ 10 year/PMM
*All 40+ year titles INCLUDE map, assmt, legal, chain, recorded lien, E&R's, suits, and divorces,
PMM info, lienholder addresses.
UCCs - County, per name (includes both offices)
  - State, per name

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